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20 Sitcom Wives From The ’80s And ’90s We’re Still Obsessed With

Long before reality TV took over, actual reality of a different sort ruled the airwaves. Game shows, which went through a boom in the ’90s, feature people just like you and me plucked from obscurity to compete for prizes in various mental and physical challenges. While some of these competition shows may still cross your mind occasionally, most of these 33 game shows from the ’90s, you’ve probably totally forgotten about — and possibly with good reason. Some of them, like Studs and The Big Date are mildly updated versions of popular ’70s show The Dating Game that add slight ribaldry, center-parted hairdos, and little else. In what was likely the first MTV dating show to feature openly LGBTQ+ contestants as part of the plot, A Shot At Love was cable’s bisexual solution to The Bachelor. Ten men and ten women vied for Tila’s heart, but unfortunately, she and the winner did not live happily ever after.

Instead of Rob Dyrdek presenting other people’s videos on MTV, The Tom Green Show should be there to make new ones. Boston Common aired on NBC and is about a sister (Hedy Burress) and brother (Anthony Clark) who moved to Boston from Virginia so she can go to college and he can stick around and annoy her. That’s pretty much all there is to it, which might explain why it only lasted for two seasons (from 1996 to 1997).

The premise was great and the acting was perfect for a sitcom in the late 90s, but what really killed its overall success was how it was competing with Will & Grace on NBC. Back in the 1990s, MTV was still using a video-heavy format, but there were plenty of shows that aired as well. Most of those programs were actually pretty good compared to the garbage that dominates the network these days. We started talking about some of the non-music shows we used to watch on MTV and it turned into a couple week long project. Every day we’d remember another show that we hadn’t thought of since the 90s.

Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990-

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If you love conspiracy shows, then this might be a weird ’90s show for you to binge on YouTube. The series is about a photojournalist whose life is mysteriously “erased” in connection to a controversial photo he took of U.S. soldiers committing a war crime. His friends and family have no clue who he is — it’s like he was simply “erased” from existence. The show only lasted one season (probably because it was a little intense for its time) but the ending is still pretty disturbing. The one thing that helped all these hit sitcoms rise to prominence back then was the talented cast, specifically, the amazingly hot wives that were merely brought in to be eye candy for the show. It turned out to be a smart move by television executives, and they all started following one another’s lead, casting babe after babe to play our favorite characters wives.

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She was so Southern, she did not leave Texas until after college when she started really acting. The show was on for eight seasons and was one of the funniest NBC sitcoms prior to Must-See TV or Friends. On Late Night, Seth Meyers got into the Mad Men spirit, playing a modern-day Don Draper trying to pitch to Sunkist using the image of girls in bikinis (with giant “grapefruits”). Also on the late night shows, Seth Meyers unveils another “Mad Men” parody and Tracy Morgan confuses himself with Will Smith. This star-studded sex-positive series aired on MTV from 1999 to 2002. Hosted by Cilla Black and ‘our Graham with a quick reminder.’ Blind Date was the dating show of the 80’s.


I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Blind Date may be one of the best bad dating shows ever. MTV attempted to take on larger sociological trends, specifically that women often date men who are less attractive than them, with this show that highlights relationships with mediocre dudes, and by the end, the woman has to choose whether she wants to still be with him or not. So much to unpack here, but all you really need to know is that Snooki was in an episode before her Jersey Shore fame.

Stein took the place of the lowest-scoring contestant in the show’s second half, offsetting and negating the 2000s of his money contestants could win. BET brought back this ’80s classic and updated it to be more family-centric, with non-celebrity contestants from three generations of family winning points instead of cash, and coming back to compete until they lost. Stein took the place of the lowest-scoring contestant in the show’s second half, offsetting and negating the amount of his money contestants could win. This show aimed at pre-teens used a Magic 8-Ball to determine which category contestants would play on each turn, to advance on a life-size game board.

It was almost as if the writers were able to feed off the cast and let them run free, to let stories write themselves. The premise of MTV’s FANatic sounded promising; the reality show offered music fans the chance to meet their icons. In practice, the show, which premiered in 1998, had a dry-as-cardboard format that wasted the major celebrity names who appeared on the show, including Madonna, NSYNC, Whitney Houston, George Clooney, Eminem, the Spice Girls, Christina Aguilera and more, according to TV Guide.

Teenagers grew up watching it, and following her over the years. Most people remember Tanya Roberts from when she replaced Shelley Hack during the fifth season of Charlie’s Angels in 1980. She was brought in to help fix the declining ratings and was even featured on People magazine. Sadly, however, she could not fix things and the show was cancelled after just 16 episodes. It could not have been easy for Courtney Cox to spend ten seasons on Friends while the rest of the world drooled over her co-star, Jennifer Aniston.

The West Wing (1999–

After the success of a one-off live episode, the entire second season of the show was performed live—though according to one executive, the show didn’t feel live because “those actors were so good, they never made a mistake.” “SNL, but performed entirely by middle schoolers” sounds more like an idea some sixth-graders would come up with while hopped up on Gogurt, not an actual idea for a TV show. Though you might not bust a gut laughing about orange soda in your 30s, it’s still a charming walk down memory lane—and it gave us Kenan Thompson, who’s now the longest-running cast member of the real SNL. In the ‘90s, quirkiness was in—and it was especially in on this Nickelodeon show, which chronicled the lives of two ginger brothers, both named Pete, who lived in a wacky New Jersey town inhabited by philosophical ice cream men, low-level superheroes and Iggy Pop. But while the show is most remembered for its hip celebrity guest stars (Michael Stipe of R.E.M. and Debbie Harry made appearances), it’s also a tender, funny, and sometimes genuinely moving examination of the inner lives of tween boys.

A Perfect Score was the second of Marder’s late-night shows. In this one (which replaced Night Games), three close friends of one contestant attempted to find their friend the ideal date by questioning three candidates. Despite the producers’ promise that it wasn’t scripted, some of the 110 CBS affiliates that ran the show put it on at 2 a.m. This series was sort of like a reversed Pleasantville, in which a fictional sitcom family moves into the “real world” and leaves their TV-made lives behind. It was super meta, considering that the family is still on a sitcom. But as Aunt Becky, Lori was one of the hottest wives, and aunts, ever on television, especially for a family show like Full House.