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Best Otome Games On Nintendo Switch In 2023

So the framing of this “Tolerance goes both ways, but unfortunately, a lot of those who clamor for it aren’t always willing to put it back in” is way off. Gay people are just mean to you for a thing you’ve chosen for yourself. Christians don’t want gay people to marry, have kids, or exist, for the way they were born. I hope you are in a better state of mind these days, and I’m sorry to hear people made fun of your daughter. @dartmonkey I appreciate the reset as I believe some people’s views were misrepresented last time.

The series has slowly unguarded itself when it comes to gender binaries, letting anyone wear whatever clothes they choose. In its most recent game, New Horizons, the player chooses between different styles instead of male or female. You can have any hairstyle or facial hair, any eye shape, and wear whatever accessories no matter what style you choose. There’s perhaps still work to be done when it comes to the way that the games handle the labeling of these options, but they remain some of the most non-binary friendly AAA titles on the market. Console gamers may have to wait a little while longer to enjoy the extensive character customization options on offer in Cyberpunk 2077 due to the current state of the game.

Pumpkin Days

This simulator is literally based on the idea that getting a dog will bring partners knocking at your door, and it’s honestly a bit comical. You even get to take care of the dog you adopt, which is a huge plus. From the people that would rather an actual gay man kill himself than accept any criticism that the game they were making was exploitative.

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While a couple of games are well-known in the gaming community, a lot of them are more obscure. One of the most unique dating sims to come out of Southeast Asia is Love Esquire by Yangyang Mobile. The game is a romantic-comedy visual novel and dating sim game with the addition of turn-based RPG combat.

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Your choices determine what happens as you decide who to romance at this school. This romance adventure takes place in Japan, where you play as Kaori Sawai, a nurse who can heal people simply by touching them. With several other women to meet and plenty of decisions to make, see what kind of romance you discover and grow with 20 or more endings. While not simply a dating sim, this farming and life sim does allow you to develop a relationship with an NPC from your local village. Storyline-wise, this game is a lot of fun and steers clear of a lot of the unhealthy messages other otome can feature. Aurora sets healthy boundaries, expresses her needs in mature and responsible ways, and otherwise presents a heroine worthy of admiration.

Based on this article, all games that have same-sex gender romance would make the list. That’s a bit misleading because very, very few games are actually having explicit LGBTQ+ characters and/or situations. Again, I kinda feel like this leads to more segregation and feelings of difference or resentment between groups. A lot of it was specifically designed to increase tension between groups and make both sides scared of each other and proud of their own community, in order to support it by buying things. As soon as I got successful enough to pull back the curtain I got out of that world.

Night in the Woods is an adventure game focused on exploration, story, and character, featuring dozens of characters to meet and lots to do across a lush, vibrant world. After a successful Kickstarter it’s being made by Infinite Fall, a teamup of Alec Holowka , Scott Benson , and Bethany Hockenberry.” It’s known for being a trying game, but rewarding for those who want something a little more difficult. Celeste is a platform game, which is as simple as saying it’s a game where you move from platform to platform to reach the end (ever played Mario?). Celeste herself is transgender, and the creator of the indie game, Maddy Thorson (whose pronouns are she/they) is also transgender. You can also romance and marry characters that you encounter along the way, and the game lets same-sex characters get married, even acknowledging through dialogue that the characters are in a queer relationship.

Captured on Nintendo Switch Visual novels and dating sims used to be hard to come by here in the West, especially on consoles. However, the Switch, with its portability and vibrant screen, has enjoyed a wealth of games in these genres over the years. One of the latest to make its way to the console is Love Esquire from publisher Mama Morin. Choose your gender and then figure out which of your classmates at Weasel Heights Middle School you’re interested in pursuing.