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9 Signs Of Commitment Issues & How To Deal With Them

This article by Dr. Lisa Firestone discusses her therapy practice as well as the practice of her father, Dr. Robert Firestone. She describes the therapeutic relationship and what the optimal therapist/client relationship would feel and look like. This page is full of resources and tips for finding a therapist. But there is another very good reason you might be afraid of commitment and it’s one not enough articles talk about. Attachment theory states that in order to evolve into an adult that can feel safe and happy in a relationship, we need to have proper ‘attachment’ as an infant and young child.

“Many commitment-phobes are phobic about commitments based on negative past experiences or having been badly burned in the past from an ex,” says Ray. Underlying their fear of commitment is the FEAR of getting hurt. No matter what kind of early parenting we had, and what kind of relationship messes we have made up to this point, it is possible to grow and develop. By making a choice to see and accept our current liabilities, we can reach for new tools. We can come to understand ourselves and have some compassion for our challenges. And even if we have a long history of being anxious or avoidant, we can become more secure.

Some people worry that their partner or spouse may not be “perfect” or isn’t their “soulmate,” leading them to stress about long-term commitment to that person. It’s always important to question whether your partner is “the one,” but perfection is unattainable in any romantic partner. But while men are more likely to fear long-term commitment in their relationships, it’s not exclusive to guys. Everybody needs some alone time, so think about whether your partner is extremely hot and cold and sometimes needs to feel completely disconnected from you. Or, maybe they are just making sure that they dedicate time to their personal life as well . The person with commitment phobia does not like to feel like they’re on call for anybody.

By being in a relationship, you will be forced to do the work of a relationship, which is not all fireworks and butterflies. Authentic relationships take a lot of maintenance to thrive. If you really want to improve yourself, stop relying on other people in your life and start working with yourself. Try to improve your thoughts and try to feel their emotions and their pain.

Is marked by fear that is out of proportion to the actual danger or threat. Such symptoms are persistent and last for six months or longer. Open for change is another massive step that will help you feel less anxious and more rewarding about the healing process.

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It is important to keep in mind that some people just do not want to be in a committed relationship; perhaps they have made a meaningful life being single. Should this be someone’s value or want, they don’t need to work through any anxieties regarding romantic commitment. Are you wondering if your partner has commitment fears?

They do not trust other people around them and can be really paranoid about everything. They believe that coming to a certain relationship can work as a trap for everyone and can ruin their life. They have a tendency to enjoy the moment and they do not prefer to think about the future with someone else. They want everyone to leave them alone and not interfere with their thoughts and goals in life. They do not believe in any serious relationship or any long-term relationship with one person.

How common is gamophobia?

Consider what events in your life may have contributed to your fear. A therapist or close friend may be able to help you with this by being there to listen to you. You may also consider talking with family members you consider “safe” to get more information on what took place during your childhood. Keep in mind that trauma and your age at the time of the experience may affect your memory.You may have had a previous relationship you thought was going well end suddenly without warning. Cognitive behavioral therapy , a type of psychotherapy , helps many people overcome commitment phobia.

What Is Gamophobia?

Either way, some people simply do not want to experience that sort of pain ever again. If your commitment-phobe boyfriend or girlfriend only hangs out when it’s convenient for them and never seems to initiate dates, Ray suggests backing off a bit. “My advice is to give your commitment-phobe some space, and allow them to reach out to you to make plans.

How to Recognize and Get Over Commitment Issues

While this can seem like a scary place to be, there are plenty of options available to you for overcoming your struggles. However, if you find it hard to put your partner first or to use words such as “we” and “us,” you may have a commitment phobia. You might find that you are running away from making a long-term commitment to the future of your relationship and so are instead using self-centered behavior.

It’s not a phobia mind you just a happy way of life, adulting and only answering to yourself when you flake out of a relationship temporarily or permanently. Being made to feel like you were not good enough by someone that you loved can leave deep scars that can resurface in the form of relationship phobia. One a subconscious level, a lot of people don’t want to allow themselves to wind up in a vulnerable place again and end up getting hurt just like they did before.