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The 11 Rules Of Bro Code

In which case Your friend should know that she and your relationship with her come first. You go to the bank collect all your money and hand it over to the police He’ll refund you. The one thing about male statutes is that your friendship is ride or die. If anything happens to them You must bear all expenses. A hug cannot precede a handshake. There must be a pat on the back.

In fact, someone that’s friends with their ex is typically more mature than those people that hate their exes. As long as everything stays friendly, there aren’t any romantic feelings involved, and you feel comfortable, then there aren’t any problems. When your friend starts to date one of your previous partners, it’ll make you feel an array of feelings, such as angry, upset, and betrayed. So, the first thing you need to do is allow yourself to register and feel all of the emotions that come up inside you. If your friend is cool with you dating their ex, you need to really make an effort to keep things good between the two of you and keep them happy. So, ask your friend about how they want you to act.

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As I said before, this is really a matter of common courtesy. And especially what it comes down to is time. I won’t go as far as forbidding you from dating your friend’s ex , but please, at the very least, wait a while if you’re going to. I know that you want to go out with them, but when it’s only been a couple of weeks, that’s just going to hurt your friend even more than what it already will. We have certain implicit rules which make the bond between males’ friends so strong and an absolute one.

You can stand, feel proud of how far your buddy has come, and laughed at his jokes. Guys become extra careful when there are girls around. Being a good wingman is all about having your buddy’s back, helping him out, knowing when to walk over, and being the little push your friend wants. Remember that tonight is not about you. No embarrassing stories, no out-of-the-box talking, and definitely not flirting with the girl your buddy has eyes on. A good wingman is hard to come by.

Guys do not discuss what other guys did at a bachelor party

If you think she likes you, it’s best not to call her “bro” back. Instead, use her name often to show that you’re thinking about her and that you like her. If your goal is to get out of the friend zone, don’t call her “bro” back. This might show her that you only think of her as a friend, and it could solidify your friend zone status in her mind.

It is one of the biggest violations of the bro code. A step mother whom he hates is still okay. If you’re sure he’s sober, then that means you can shrug off all responsibility and try your own luck with hotter women around. As you may be able to tell, I’ve witness this sort of thing happen to several of my friends to varying degrees.

Generally, you keep your eyes to yourself, do your business and get out. It’s generally frowned upon to hold a conversation with another man in the restroom. If there is conversation it’s usually awkward conversation and the real conversation can occur again once both parties are outside. I went through a really bad time a couple years ago and was holding it in.

In the absence of your bro, you are his girlfriend’s protector. You shall ride her to wherever she wants and keep her safe. A bro shall never make a bro feel ashamed. Even if he just hooked up with the most hideous girl ever, you’re supposed to make excuses on his behalf. Of course it wasn’t him, it was the alcohol. Jesse Oakley is a writer who writes about love, relationships and self-care.


Never force your friend to feel uncomfortable and ashamed for hooking up with a girl you don’t find attractive. Instead of teasing your friend for his relationship with a girl who seems to you not beautiful or smart enough, it is better to cheer him up. It is not you with whom he will have to date. So don’t be jealous of his success or life even if you are not fully satisfied with all what happens. It would be a gross violation of the Bro Code if he didn’t. No girl is going to cheat on his bro.

Man Code Rules You Must Know

However, if you’re already dating their ex, you need to tell your friend in a calm, mature and honest way. Be aware that your friend will probably be angry and upset, so make sure you’re supportive of them and hear exactly what they have to say. Sometimes, people simply shouldn’t hang out with each other, and in this situation, this is definitely the case. As much as you might want to force your new man and your friend to hang out with you at the same time, it’s not a good idea, so don’t do it. If you actually want both your friend and your new partner in your life, you have to make an effort to maintain a strong relationship with both of them individually. Be sure to spend sufficient time with both of them, even if sometimes it feels difficult to.

Honesty is the best policy in the case of his dress code. If a bro is unable to pitch in money for beer, other bros shall cover him. He shall not be deprived of the holy potion. The fist bump is a form of appreciation. You shall use it to show acceptance, appreciation or a go-for-it.