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A sudden rise in the market with the probability that it will be short, or a gradual fall with a probability that it will be long, is a strong temptation to the master to push his slaves to the utmost, that he may in the one case make all he can, by taking the tide at the flood, and in the other lose as little as may be, by taking it as early as possible in the ebb. Such might or might not be serviceable to him; many of them at least would be a burden, and few men carry burdens when they can throw them off. Of their masters to treat them with barbarous inhumanity. But all northern visitors at the south are not thus easily gulled.

In order to prepare the corn for market by the time agreed upon, the slaves were worked as hard as they would bear, from daybreak until 9 or 10 o’clock at night. They were called directly from their bunks in the morning to their work, without a morsel of food until noon, when they took their breakfast and dinner, consisting of bacon and corn bread. The quantity of meat was not one tenth of what the same number of northern laborers usually have at a meal. They were allowed but fifteen minutes to take this meal, at the expiration of this time the horn was blown. The rigor with which they enforce punctuality to its call, may be imagined from the fact, that a little boy only nine years old was whipped so severely by the driver, that in many places the whip cut through his clothes for tardiness of not over three minutes.


Advertisements like the following from the “New Orleans Bee,” May 31, 1837, are common in the southern papers. Twenty negroes, who in twenty years should have doubled, the number was reduced to four or five.” Rev. JOHN O. CHOULES, recently pastor of a Baptist Church at New Bedford, Massachusetts, now of Buffalo, New York, made substantially the following statement in a speech in Boston. These negroes will be employed in the excavation of the Canal. They will be provided with three and a half pounds of pork or bacon, and ten quarts of gourd seed corn per week, lodged in comfortable shantees, and attended constantly by a skilful physician.

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He stooped to relieve the wants of the meanest of his subjects, and would peril his life by visiting them when sick of infectious diseases; he prohibited, by law, masters from killing their slaves, gave to slaves legal trial, and exempted them from torture; yet towards certain individuals and classes, he showed himself a monster of cruelty. He prided himself on his knowledge of architecture, and ordered to execution the most celebrated architect of Rome, because he had criticised one of the Emperor’s designs. He banished all the Jews from their native land, and drove them to the ends of the earth; and unloosed the blood-hounds of persecution to rend in pieces his Christian subjects. “Slavery has a most direct tendency to haughtiness, and a domineering spirit and conduct in the proprietors of the slaves, in their children, and in all who have the control of them. A man who has been bred up in domineering over negroes, can scarcely avoid contracting such a habit of haughtiness and domination as will express itself in his general treatment of mankind, whether in his private capacity, or in any office, civil or military, with which he may be invested.”

Hand, jailor, St. Francisville, La., in the “Louisiana Chronicle,” July 26, 1837.”Committed to jail, slave John–has several scars on his wrists, occasioned, as he says, by handcuffs.”Mr. Charles Curcner, New Orleans, in the “Bee,” July 2, 1838.”Ranaway, the negro, Hown–has a ring of iron on his left foot. Also, Grise, his wife, having a ring and chain on the left leg.”Mr. T. Manning, Huntsville, Alabama, in the “Huntsville Advocate,” Oct. 23, 1838.”Ranaway, a negro boy named James–said boy was ironed when he left me.”Mr. William L. Lambeth, Lynchburg, Virginia, in the “Moulton [Ala.] Whig,” January 30, 1836.”Ranaway, Jim–had on when he escaped a pair of chain handcuffs.” Of corn per day, their sole sustenance, is to MURDER THEM BY PIECE-MEAL. The reader will perceive by examining the preceding statistics that the average daily ration throughout this country and Europe exceeds the usual slave’s allowance at least a pound a day; also that one-third of this ration for soldiers and convicts in the United States, and for soldiers and sailors in Europe, is meat, generally beef; whereas the allowance of the mass of our slaves is corn, only. Further, the convicts in our prisons are sheltered from the heat of the sun, and from the damps of the early morning and evening, from cold, rain, &c.; whereas, the great body of the slaves are exposed to all of these, in their season, from day-light till dark; besides this, they labor more hours in the day than convicts, as will be shown under another head, and are obliged to prepare and cook their own food after they have finished the labor of the day, while the convicts have theirs prepared for them.

How can northerners know these things when they are hospitably received at southern tables and firesides? I repeat it, no one who has not been an integral part of a slaveholding community, can have any idea of its abominations. It is a whited sepulchre full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness.

Both of our tour managers, Noura in Egypt and Omar in Jordan, possessed encyclopedic knowledge of the sites we visited. Their boundless enthusiasm for that history was contagious and our questions were always thoughtfully and completely answered. Noura was a force of nature, leading the way and reminding us to “watch the uneven ground” while telling us about a particular site and its place in Egyptian history. Her energy kept us all going during that intense week of touring. Omar led at a more relaxed pace but no less effectively or admirably, and his wonderful sense of humor kept us on our toes. We also greatly enjoyed his insights into present-day Jordanian social and family life and structure, which helped some long hours on the bus pass quickly.

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Extract of a letter from Rev. C. S. RENSHAW, pastor of the Congregational Church, Quincy, Illinois. “I was repeatedly told, while I was there, that she drove a colored boy from the second story window, a distance of 15 to 18 feet, on to the pavement, which made him a cripple for a time. Not being able to accomplish their object by these means, they at last resorted to a method too indelicate, and too horrible to describe in detail. Suffice it to say, it soon put an end to her life in the most excruciating manner. If further testimony to authenticate what I have stated is necessary, I refer you to Dr. Robert Mitchel who then resided in the vicinity, but now lives at Indiana, Pennsylvania, above Pittsburgh.”


Dear Pastor Thank you for your love and care, as you prayed yesterday the pain in my right knew is gone, this morning there is no pain anymore. Thank you for educating us about the use of our faith on a daily basis. Dear Pastor Chris, I thank you for your obedience to the spirit of God in bringing the word of God to us in these last days. A few weeks ago, during these series of programs, I felt a persistent pain in a certain part of my body.

As the objector can and does believe all the preceding facts, if he still ‘can’t believe’ as to the cruelties of slaveholders, it would be barbarous to tantalize his incapacity either with evidence or argument. Let him have the benefit of the act in such case made and provided. “No food or lodging shall be allowed to a Quaker. If any person turns Quaker, he shall be banished, and not be suffered to return on pain of death.”

The greatest tyrants that ever dripped with blood have assumed the titles of “most gracious,” “most clement,” “most merciful,” &c., and have ordered their crouching vassals to accost them thus. When did not vice lay claim to those virtues which are the opposites of its habitual crimes? The guilty, according to their own showing, are always innocent, and cowards brave, and drunkards sober, and harlots chaste, and pickpockets honest to a fault. When a man’s tongue grows thick, and he begins to hiccough and walk cross-legged, we expect him, as a matter of course, to protest that he is not drunk; so when a man is always singing the praises of his own honesty, we instinctively watch his movements and look out for our pocket-books. Whoever is simple enough to be hoaxed by such professions, should never be trusted in the streets without somebody to take care of him.

You should never share your address, credit card number, social security number or details about your daily routine, said Erinn Robinson, director of media relations for the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network. And be cautious, too, about revealing personal information about other people in your life, such as your kids, friends or parents. Don’t reveal specifics like the neighborhood you live in or the name of your company in your dating app profile, said Maria Sullivan, a dating expert and vice president of Instead, keep things more general by just saying which city you live in or the field you work in. In the case of being “unequally yoked” in a marriage, this is rarely anything short of being very painful and burdensome.